Service: Medical writing (academic)

“Our work is at the cusp of basic research, medicine, and clinical practice. Over the past year we have been extensively using CellTherEx’s expertise in medical writing and proofreading for a variety of research articles and review papers in these different fields.

Lindsay brings a unique and extensive research and translational medical background into her medical writing practice, as well as her own many publications in these fields, all of which places her at the highest professional level with abilities to assist with medical writing, beyond the normal. This is immediately noticed in her immense detailed writing and proofreading skills that go beyond just textual and grammatical improvements, but also include conceptualizations, new ideas and formats that make for a much more advanced writing/proofreading support.

Furthermore, Lindsay’s input is extremely thorough. Her contributions have significantly improved the overall quality of our publications, from early submission and throughout the review process.

I highly recommend Lindsay, at CellTherEx, as one of the best medical writers I have worked with over the years and will continue to do so.”

Professor, Helmholtz Zentrum Munich, Germany

Preclinical Development

“Lindsay’s immense knowledge of cell biology and immunology as well as expertise in cell therapy development really helped our research group with the necessary preclinical study design, while preparing for a clinical trial. Her training in GMP and awareness of European regulatory requirements also made it possible to plan several steps ahead and avoid common pitfalls. “

PhD Student, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden


“I came across the company CellTherEx while researching for a biotech consultant group with an established record. With the mentorship of the team leader, Lindsay Davies, I gained in-depth know-how on developing advanced therapeutic prototypes. The carefully designed online training covered subjects ranging from an early outlook on preclinical studies to managing intellectual property, business operations, and distribution of potential cell and gene therapy products. I would highly recommend the CellTherEx training course, which sheds new light on the lifecycle of innovative medicines.”

CEO, Kelifarma, Lithuania

Regulatory Support, Preclinical and Product Development

“The CEO and team leader at CellTherEx, Lindsay Davies, has provided us with support covering many aspects with regards to the development and expansion of the clinical portfolio for our mesenchymal stromal cell product. Her background in cell therapy development has been invaluable in providing input to our product and process development in conjunction with our contract manufacturing organization, as well as working in house with our research and development team to support preclinical development and writing of regulatory documentation including IMPD and IBs. Lindsay’s extensive network within the international cell therapy field has provided us with knowledge, contacts and opportunities to expand our horizons as the company grows and diversifies. “

CEO, NextCell Pharma AB, Sweden